Let's Swoove!

Customise your avatar. Choose your music. Swipe to create your dance. Share your ‘Swoove’ on your socials.

Your avatar, your dance, your way

Be who you want to be and dance like the stars.

On Swoove you can build a completely unique avatar and customize it with outfits, accessories and more. Want it to look like you? No problem. Or is it funnier to make your Dad twerk? Go for it.

Express yourself through your Swoove. Share it and see what your friends think of your creation. 

Have you got the moves to Swoove?

Share With Friends, Start A Trend

Export your animation anywhere you like. Share it with friends and watch them copy your moves. Earn points when people like, share or copy your creations (coming soon).

Play Video

Watch The Swoove Feed

See creations from influencers and your friends and get inspired.

Create Your Avatar

Build an avatar and customize it however you want.

Choose Your Music

Pick music from your favorite artists that makes you want to dance.

Swipe To Animate

Design your own dance moves and routine with our unique swipe-based animation technology.

Publish and Share!

Export your creation and share it across your social feeds and messaging platforms.

Swoove It

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